Monday, October 6, 2014

Halloween Homeschooling Idea For Your 8th Grader

As my youngest talks endlessly about what he plans to be dressing up as for Halloween, my oldest has decided that she is too “cool” to dress up this year. I knew this day would come. The day when she thinks she is no longer a kid. I was just hoping to get another year or two before it happened. At least she seems to still enjoy the Halloween themed TV shows and spooky books, which is something. If your 8th grader has also seemed to grow up overnight, but you still want to keep them included in your Halloween themed homeschooling fun, maybe find some books that they can read and then do a book report on. I know that is what I am planning to do. They may think they’re too old to carve pumpkins or dress up, but you can still get some Halloween fun if you’re creative.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Your Curriculum Choice

If you were new to homeschooling this year, then you may be feeling either delighted with the curriculum you have chosen or frustrated. If what you have purchased is not working for you there are a few options. One, you could give it some more time. Sometimes the issue is the adjustment to homeschooling more than the curriculum itself. If after giving it a bit more time, it still hasn’t grown on you, you could buy a new homeschool curriculum. (Depending on what you purchased and what you have used, there are sites online where you can sell used curriculum.). If you cannot afford to buy a new program, you could either deal with it by finishing what you already bought or you could try other homeschooling options. Many families create or buy unit studies to put together their own curriculum. I hope these suggestions will help make your next year a better one.
                                                                       ~Happy Homeschooling (;

Monday, August 4, 2014

Back to School is Back!

The new homeschool year has finally arrived. It is that time of year, the time for us to get back to school. You might think it is silly, but I actually look forward to this time of the year. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my summer vacation time, but there is something so renewing about a new school year. I love picking out our homeschool curriculum, planning field trips, and buying school supplies, especially while there is no tax (love those tax free sales!). I also enjoy watching my children get excited about the new school year. Picking out their new school folders, pencils, and other school supplies. Even though we homeschool, I have always let my kids shop for their own school supplies. Besides being fun, I think it helps my kids look forward to starting the new homeschool year. I know when I was a kid, shiny new school supplies always made me feel that way and they still do as an adult. (;

Friday, July 11, 2014

July Giveaway

I think I can safely say that everyone likes Free stuff. That is why I love Giveaways! There is nothing better than winning something free, especially if it is homeschooling products. A few days ago I came across a giveaway that was hosted on one of my favorite forums, Below is some information that I gathered from their site about the giveaway. “The lucky winner of the July giveaway from All About Learning Press and will receive the All About Spelling Level One materials plus Spelling Interactive Kit. (Retail Value: $75)” For more information about this giveaway or to enter, check out “All About Spelling” July 2014Giveaway.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Tips for Learning Online

Learning online can be a huge blessing, yet there are also dangers and pitfalls in online education. There are a few simple things that parents can do to provide internet safety for kids.

1) Find a filter program that works for your family. There are lots of free ones out there if you have a tight budget...k-9 filter - and safe eyes.
2) Make sure that you "custom" set each selection for your filter. This way you will know exactly what your child is given permission to view.
3) Open a separate email with a password that only you know. This will enable you to keep your child from changing the password and allowing themselves permission to view certain sites.
4)Be vigilant to review what the filter is blocking - and check your child's internet history periodically.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Great Math Resources for 8th grade

Teaching math is no walk in the park... teaching math to an eighth grader... well... let's just say having a few tricks up your sleeve just might help you make it through.

As a rule, present math to your child as a puzzle to be solved. Each math problem has an exact answer and is a puzzle... present math problems in a fun way to further this idea!

Allow your children to do online math games to keep their review time fun!

Use engaging eighth grade math curriculum to help keep their interest!

Use alternate programs like aleks math or math u see.

Make math practical by taking them to the store and calculating sale prices... or let them do your coupon grocery shopping with a set budget.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Don't be Afraid of Change

Homeschooling is a rather fluid way to educate? Do you agree? Homeschooling can be many things. From an unschooler, to a classical homeschooler. There are many many things that homeschooling can be. Yet, even within one family's homeschool it can change. In fact, it should change if it needs to. Confused? Let me explain.

Many homeschooling families pick their curriculum or course of study from what they have heard is good... and that isn't a bad principle. Yet, often what works for one homeschooling family isn't what works for yours. If you find yourself stuck with a curriculum that is killing your joy for have got to ditch it. Don't tell yourself to hang on to it, if it isn't a good match for your child or for your family. Just as there are many different types of homeschooling methods... there are many more types of homeschooling families. The curriculum options that we have for homeschooling today are innumerable... there is a perfect homeschool curriculum out there for your family...
1) determine what your family's needs are
2) determine your child's homeschool learning styles
3) find curriculum that matches these
4) Determine which curriculum you like best from the ones that match your needs
5) Make sure everyone in the family likes the chosen option... everyone has to live with it!