Thursday, January 20, 2011

Beginning to homeschool an 8th grader?

Thinking about homeschooling your eighth grader? Don't think twice. Homeschooling is one of the best decisions that a parent could make for their child - especially a junior high school age child. The junior high schooler usually faces so much negative peer pressure and discouraging influences during this time - that it often takes its toll on their future. Many flourishing bright eyed elementary schooled students have become shipwrecked because of the negative influences that they encountered in the public school.

Yet, on the other hand I have met some wonderful, responsible homeschooled children who are confident and secure with who they are. It truly makes a huge difference in these formative years of the child's life.

Homeschooling your 8th grader is the first step of many that you will need to take. Considering the type of homeschool curriculum that you want to use, the method that you will take to do it, and the location that you will do it in will all play as important factors in you and your child's future.

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