Sunday, February 20, 2011

8th grade Course Requirements

Beginning to homeschool is a big step, and homeschooling an eighth grader is also a big decision. Yet, to help make the transition easier and to make the future clear - knowing what the requirements for a typical eighth grade course of study is definitely a help.

The typical requirements are quite simple, a credit for each of the basic core courses. Math, language arts, science, history, and electives. As homeschoolers, electives can be used in many situations from home economics (cooking), to other practical things such as automotive repair or sewing. Many homeschoolers begin a foreign language during the junior high years as well. This gives the student ample time to master the language.

The language arts during 8th focuses on refining writing skills, increasing vocabulary, and improving grammar and syntax. 8th grade math typically is an introduction to algebraic principles... often called pre-algebra. History is often U.S. History or sometimes a state history combination. The incorporation of some classic historical fiction provides a broader scope than basic textbook study. Science usually includes an introduction to physical and earth sciences. 8th grade requirements typically include a physical education elective as well.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

8th grade curriculum

WOW... you have chosen to homeschool your eighth grader. Great decision...but now you have to determine the best way to accomplish that task. The homeschool curriculum that you choose will play a vital role in your success.

Homeschooling is one of the fastest growing methods of educating children in America. Yet, the good news for homeschoolers is that with all that growth - the curriculum options are growing too! There is a lot of great curriculums for homeschool families to choose from. From online homeschooling to textbook/workbook based education, there really is something for every learning style out there.

The next important step for you to take in your homeschool journey is to determine what type of learning style your child has. Once you determine this, you can then select a curriculum that your child will likely have success with. But remember, you are in charge of their education now. If you don't like a curriculum, and it isn't meeting your needs - change! Don't wait until you get discouraged and want to quit... find another curriculum that does work for your 8th grader!