Sunday, March 20, 2011

8th grade Grammar

Teaching 8th grade grammar can often seem like a steep challenge, but using the right homeschool curriculum can make a huge difference. There are many high quality language arts courses that have a complete grammar study included with them.

When looking for a homeschooling curriculum to use, keep in mind the basic needs for a comprehensive 8th grade language arts course. Typical course requirements for 8th grade grammar are an inclusive study of complex grammar methods. Full coverage of subject and predicate usage, predicate adjectives and predicate nominatives, direct and indirect objects, as well as each part of speech are typically studied.

Good study skills and practice using the grammar rules that are taught are important. Review and grammar exercises are the foundation of a quality language arts program. Incorporation of writing skills, reading, study of the classics, and spelling/vocabulary learning are a necessary part of the foundation of a good grammar program.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Eighth Grade Math

Eighth grade math is often one of those courses that homeschool parents typically shy away from teaching. Yet, the homeschool curriculum that is available to help homeschoolers is amazing. There are so many options from computer based learning, DVD courses, to teaching workbooks.

The typical 8th grade math course consists of pre-algebraic introduction. The student should be prepared to enter Algebra I by the time they finish the course. Students should be able to solve equations and simplify expressions. They should be well prepared in the use of exponents and quadratic functions.

The 8th grade math should also include some geometry foundations. Students should be familiar with the use of geometric tools such as compass, protractors, computers, and graphing calculators. Students should be well versed in graphing, and using geometric figures in finding area, perimeter, and other geometric calculations.