Wednesday, April 20, 2011

8th Grade Writing

Creative Writing...that's a hard one. Well, at least for my homeschooled children. They seem to balk at anything that I require them to write in complete sentences. Lately, I have decided that it really has a lot to do with practice. Writing is not something easy, we can have all the tools, have a nice inspirational place to write, and still have writers block. No...I think writing gets easier...and better...with practice.

My children seem to do perfectly fine diagramming sentences, analyzing parts of speech, spelling words and vocabulary but when asked to write me a paragraph describing what they did during Christmas holiday...oh my goodness! You would have thought I offered to cut off their toes.

Yet, after pushing my children to get into it, to get writing last week they seemed to get better as they wrote. That is when the epiphany hit me, writing is easier as you do it. So, the only solution to my children's problem of writing-a-phobia... JUST DO IT!!

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