Sunday, July 10, 2011

Classic Education in Junior High

Classical education has been one of those controversial topics in recent years. But what really is classical education? In the strictest sense it is the study of the "classic" subjects. Latin at its base, classical education branches then into logic, history, mathematics, word meanings, it really can be quite extensive. Yet, for many people not applying it in the strictest sense are wanting a return to the type of education that our forefathers received. The education that made them the great thinkers that they were.

In our day, logic is not a subject, in fact, few may even know what the word means. What type of student are we turning out in our schools. Logic is important, and finds a basis in all subjects. This is the "critical thinking" that many educators are trying to rename and make popular again.

In our situation, we would not be classical educators in the strictest sense. Though we do introduce our children to Latin, and will be using the logic as they get older. We really want to see a return to the deeper education that we saw in America a hundred years ago. Yes, education was hard to come by, and some weren't educated at all. But, those that had the opportunity to get an education usually got a good one. Being well versed in Latin, math, logic, many things that we save for later in college courses they were introduced to in Junior High school and high school.

Take a minute and check out Classical Education you just find that it has merit!

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