Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Literature Based Study

"Read the best books first, or you may not have a chance to read them at all." ~ Henry David Thoreau

Teaching children with literature is not a new approach. Yet, it is one of the most effective approaches to educating children without boredom. This is especially true for the homeschooled 8th grader. If you have never tried homeschooling with a literature based are missing a great adventure.

When beginning a literature based study - they key is finding living books that incorporate not only interesting fiction or nonfiction... but books that have history - science - or even the arts! You can cover all subjects through this method of education. It really is amazing... and quite fun!

There are lots of websites out there that are great starting points for literature lists for your child's particular level. There are also lists that incorporate science and history.

High quality literature brings with it not only an element of interest, but the capacity for the student to learn correct vocabulary, grammar, and syntax. The student hears and sees while reading just how to use the vocabulary that they are learning...just how to use the punctuation skills...and just how to word those sentences. Readers of high quality literature invariable make great writers.

Don't be surprised that your child can learn about all subjects through this method of study. This may be a method for you to give a try when you are in between studies. You can see for yourselves just how exciting and effective this method is!

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