Saturday, August 20, 2011

Technology based learning

Technology in 2011 seems to be increasing and advancing more and more. The last ten decades saw incredible changes, growth, and advancement in this area. Our children have changed as well. How they play, learn, read, and socialize has all been affected by the growth of technology.

The problem that I see for our future is the fact that most of the education in today's world does not match the education that our future leaders need to meet and face that world. We are still educating the way we have been for half a century. Yes, I know teachers are trying to make technology a part of each school day, but is it enough. Are we training our students how to incorporate the use of this amazing technology into making their lives and future's more efficient? Do we even know how to apply the use of technology to how we educate?

I appreciate the online courses, the incorporation of reading high quality literature into technological devices such as "Kindle." The goal for us is to maintain a HIGH quality education through the use of technology. Let's not shy away from it simply because we learned out of a textbook...embrace change...prepare our students!

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