Saturday, September 10, 2011

8th grade online learning

Learning online is a concept that educators have been working on over the past decades. This concept not just allows the student to learn at his/her convenience, but also at his/her own pace. It allows for the student to go back and relearn concepts until they gain mastery of it. It essentially gives them more freedom to be who they are.

Modern education has really robbed many of our children of the ability to be individual. Even how children dress in Junior High school has to be "just like" their peers. Its pressure to conform, to be like everyone else that they receive from their friends, but the bigger problem is the pressure that they receive from their teachers to "meet the state requirements." I actually know of a school where the principal makes each of the teachers teach the same thing at the same time every day. How does that leave the teacher with room to help a struggling student or with room to allow the gifted student to blossom. It is squelching our student's ability to be individual.

However, an online homeschool curriculum frees the student up to learn at their pace. They can review until they have mastered concepts, or forge ahead if they do well in a subject. Online education is freedom for our students to learn and be who they are as individuals.

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