Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Homeschool resources

Beginning to homeschool is a huge decision, but making sure you have all your resources in line includes even greater decisions.

As you wonder if you have what you need to undertake this task, just remember that there are incredible homeschooling resources out there if you will just take time to investigate. As you attempt to determine what types of homeschool curriculum will best suit you and your child, think of these things.

1. Make sure that you have notified your county that you will be homeschooling, or enroll your child into a homeschool "distance education" school.

2. Determine what your child's homeschool learning style is. Knowing this will affect what curriculum you choose.

3. Determine what type of involvement you want to have with the actual day to day educating of your children. Some mothers/fathers who work at home may want to have a curriculum that allows the student to "learn independently."

4. Make sure to keep records of your child's achievement. Report cards or portfolios should be kept for many years.

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