Monday, October 10, 2011

Junior High Language Arts

Teaching language arts is surely not the easiest homeschooling task, but it definitely may be one of the most important. You see, language arts is simply not one subject but many incorporated into this one subject. When we teach language arts, we incorporate a study of grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and spelling, literature, and writing.

Each of the parts of language arts prepares and builds the students ability to be successful in the final aspect of language arts - WRITING. We teach our students grammar so that they can punctuate and word sentences correctly. We teach our students spelling and vocabulary so that they can spell and understand the meaning of words and use them correctly in sentences. We teach our students out of high quality literature so that they can learn by example. Finally, after they have absorbed enough of those we attempt to teach them how to assimilate all of that into writing interesting and creative works.

Language arts prepares the student for high school study as well as for college. Understanding our language in a comprehensive way, opens the doors for the students future success in many areas. Language arts is truly the foundation of education!

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