Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Eighth Grade Grammar

Learning proper grammar and syntax is not typically an eighth graders favorite subject. Really, I can't blame them. There are tons of rules and then more exceptions to those rules. English grammar can get so confusing that the student can't make heads or tails of it.

Teaching your eighth graders effective grammar can be easy if you use a great tool. Grammar study is a key principle of good writing, not to mention good speaking. Effective use of grammar can also show people that you are educated and know what you are talking about. Grammar is essential. Yet, eighth graders needs something more than just a textbook knowledge of the subject. An exciting online tool can make this education can come alive. We use an eighth grade online curriculum that really helps our children see the big picture and have fun at the same time. Setting a solid foundation with good grammar is a cornerstone of the homeschool.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I can find it, Can you?

Eighth grade is a host to many learning adventures. It even includes an introduction to Algebra. Yet, there is one subject that dosen't need to be forgotten, and that's geography. As your child get older it dosen't mean that they should forsake the study of geography. There is a myriad of useful information in this subject that students this age still need to learn.

In fact, there are aspects to geography that are very important for your child to learn. During this year of important discoveries make sure to include geography in your essential studies. Just to give you an idea of what 8th graders should know about geography you can take this simple quiz.

Eighth grade geography quiz