Sunday, May 20, 2012

Are you a techie?

Homeschool learning is full of freedom. Freedom to homeschool as we wish, freedom to homeschool what we wish, and freedom to dress in our pajamas for school... if we wish. Homeschool learning can be maximized to be so much fun. Some people have found that homeschooling online really gives an added dimension to homeschooling.
At our house we would resoundingly agree. We use some homeschooling textbooks, some homeschool videos, I teach some courses, and then we use an online 8th grade curriculum. As you know our blog is all about online homeschooling. It really brings an added dimension. Having a rainy boring day, get a bit techy and do some extra online work. There are tons of free online resources, lots of great educational games, and many interesting things that can all contribute to your eighth graders learning potential!

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