Thursday, May 10, 2012

What should my eighth grader study?

A lot of homeschooling families wonder just what 8th graders study at "regular" schools. Others just don't care or think it isn't a big deal to know what others are learning - if their child is learning and advancing. I have an opinion somewhere in the middle. I want to know what others are learning, but then I will set the pace for my child where I think they should be. Just knowing what others are studying, lets me have a faint idea if my kids are above or below their peers in school. I don't let this information rule me, I use it as I see fit.
As I plan my eighth graders course of study, I always try to make sure that my children are doing above and beyond what typical schoolers do. I mean, why shouldn't they? They have a lot more time on their hands and they have one on one access to their teacher.
The following is a typical listing of the minimum requirements for 8th grade study.
1)physical science
2)social studies including
  • Our American culture

  • U. S. political system

  • U. S. economic system

  • U. S. government

  • U. S. geography

  • 3) Pre-algebra
    4)Language Arts
    • include drama
    • literature
    • grammar
    • spelling
    5)Health and Safety

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