Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Putting Some Mason in Your Learning

I love Charlotte Mason's approach to learning. It is so fresh and so "individual." Yet, the Charlotte Mason style learning isn't just for the little ones. You can effectively use Charlotte Mason's principles of education in your homeschool grades all the way through high school This means that you can incorporate living books, nature walks, and spontaneous learning. The goal that Ms. Mason had in mind, was inspiring a love for learning in each child.

Truly, using the living books that C. Mason suggested... which are really books that include characters that the child can connect with... are ways to learn without the drudgery of textbooks. When reading through these lists our children can get connected with parts of history, science, math, and even the study of nature. It all boils down to a different way to look at education itself. Definitely a way to get your homeschool learning... out of the box!

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