Wednesday, July 25, 2012

8th Grade Course Requirements

The beauty of homeschooling is freedom... wouldn't you agree? Sure... but within that there is room for accountability. Come on... everyone needs it. I know I do! I have been a teacher for over 15 years (not counting homeschooling) and I get lazy! I need accountability to make me - make my children learn what they need to learn.

With that said, if your eighth grader plans on going to college there will be certain courses that he/she will need to take in order to fully prepare them for their future education. With this in mind, looking over what courses are generally accepted to prepare high schoolers for college... we can look at what courses an 8th grader would need to prepare them for high school.

Typically their courses include:
Language Arts (try to include some SAT prep vocabulary words)
Pre Algebra ( if your student could do Algebra this year, that would allow them to go on to higher maths during high school)
Social Studies
Science (If you start your student on a high school level science now, they can again take more complex college prep courses later)

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