Friday, October 5, 2012

Using Music for Education

Have you ever been somewhere and heard background classical music playing quietly? Doesn't it relax you? When I was a teenager, my husband (boyfriend then) would come over and I would practice the piano while he sat and listened... almost every time he would be so relaxed he was yawning. Not every classical piece of music will yield this result, but many of them do.
There have been many studies of how classical music relaxes students and actually helps them learn. Yet, there are also studies that show that students who are involved in learning how to play their own classical type instrument are more likely to do well in their school studies. There is a definite link to good music and learning!
Next time the kids are stressed out - or are stressing you out... take a minute and turn on some quiet classical music or maybe even find some music games for them to play. I'll bet learning will pick up and you'll be able to watch the tension melt away.

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