Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Writing Wishes

As a homeschool mother of six, I often feel overwhelmed at the great task of making my children good writers. It seems like a huge mountain of a responsibility that I fall so short of. Yet, a good writer will be a good writer for the rest of their lives. If I can get the mechanics and the ideas across to them, they still need inspiration. My wish is that I could teach each of my children how to write well.

I have used several different types of writing programs, and really like this homeschool online writing curriculum. I know that if they can achieve this, they will be well served throughout high school. I know that if I can teach them good writing skills in high school... they will be successful in college and able to meet the constant demands that involve writing skills. I also know that if they can become accomplished writers... they will be able to voice themselves creatively whenever they need to. I will also know that if they choose to... they will be able to teach their children if they every homeschool.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Nurturing Good Character

Readin', ritin', and rithmetic aren't everything. I believe that most homeschoolers know this. Which is why they are investing more time into their own children, and educating them in the way that they believe is right. But, beyond the basic core subjects... there is really a whole lot more that we need to teach our children.

Bringing out good character qualities are lessons that will not only last our children a lifetime, but also serve them well in school and the workplace. When we take time to instill honesty, justice, kindness, and even mercy into our children... we are investing not only in them, but our future as a country, and also our future grandchildren.

Teaching your 8th grader a solid foundation in good character is essential to making them a person who can adapt and function within a variety of situations. When children are taught good character, for some reason it seems to also make them more confident and self-assured. Meeting the emotional and moral needs of our children is a part of homeschooling beyond the books!