Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Writing Wishes

As a homeschool mother of six, I often feel overwhelmed at the great task of making my children good writers. It seems like a huge mountain of a responsibility that I fall so short of. Yet, a good writer will be a good writer for the rest of their lives. If I can get the mechanics and the ideas across to them, they still need inspiration. My wish is that I could teach each of my children how to write well.

I have used several different types of writing programs, and really like this homeschool online writing curriculum. I know that if they can achieve this, they will be well served throughout high school. I know that if I can teach them good writing skills in high school... they will be successful in college and able to meet the constant demands that involve writing skills. I also know that if they can become accomplished writers... they will be able to voice themselves creatively whenever they need to. I will also know that if they choose to... they will be able to teach their children if they every homeschool.

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