Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Don't be Afraid of Change

Homeschooling is a rather fluid way to educate? Do you agree? Homeschooling can be many things. From an unschooler, to a classical homeschooler. There are many many things that homeschooling can be. Yet, even within one family's homeschool it can change. In fact, it should change if it needs to. Confused? Let me explain.

Many homeschooling families pick their curriculum or course of study from what they have heard is good... and that isn't a bad principle. Yet, often what works for one homeschooling family isn't what works for yours. If you find yourself stuck with a curriculum that is killing your joy for have got to ditch it. Don't tell yourself to hang on to it, if it isn't a good match for your child or for your family. Just as there are many different types of homeschooling methods... there are many more types of homeschooling families. The curriculum options that we have for homeschooling today are innumerable... there is a perfect homeschool curriculum out there for your family...
1) determine what your family's needs are
2) determine your child's homeschool learning styles
3) find curriculum that matches these
4) Determine which curriculum you like best from the ones that match your needs
5) Make sure everyone in the family likes the chosen option... everyone has to live with it!

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