Monday, September 1, 2014

Your Curriculum Choice

If you were new to homeschooling this year, then you may be feeling either delighted with the curriculum you have chosen or frustrated. If what you have purchased is not working for you there are a few options. One, you could give it some more time. Sometimes the issue is the adjustment to homeschooling more than the curriculum itself. If after giving it a bit more time, it still hasn’t grown on you, you could buy a new homeschool curriculum. (Depending on what you purchased and what you have used, there are sites online where you can sell used curriculum.). If you cannot afford to buy a new program, you could either deal with it by finishing what you already bought or you could try other homeschooling options. Many families create or buy unit studies to put together their own curriculum. I hope these suggestions will help make your next year a better one.
                                                                       ~Happy Homeschooling (;